Sex, Drugs, and Bipolar: Query

Sex, Drugs, and Bipolar is the coming of age story of Will, a queer, bipolar, broken boy. As he grows up, Will struggles with hypersexuality, drug use, and crime. These issues tear apart his relationships and result in periods of profound depression. Think Holden Caulfield meets Caligula.

The story moves through Will’s life, told in the first person present tense. When he is thirty four Will is hospitalized for suicidal depression, where he meets his psychiatrist.  Their sessions, woven throughout the story, provide Will with an opportunity for retrospective insight, nostalgia, and regret. Through their work comes a story of redemption.

This book has been extensively workshopped at Grub Street in Boston, and is complete at 80,169 words. It will appeal to fans of A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and Broken by Jenny Lawson.

Bio: I am a queer, bipolar author. I’ve published a dozen programming books, but this is my first novel. I have a Twitter following of 13,500 and I have extensive experience creating both web sites and podcasts that can be used for promotion.

Jesse Liberty